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  "Laugh at the recession...All the way to the bank"

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Ever wondered about what IT REALLY TAKES to show up on the first page of a Google Search? 

Busting the myth about
having to lose your shirt
to generate leads 

Search Engine Marketing to the rescue of local small and medium-size businesses in the DC Metropolitan area 



Dear MD, VA & DC Local Business Owner,     

I want to let you in on a trade secret today.

For the longest time, so-called Internet Gurus, Yellow page salespeople, and consultants have been making a fortune off of customers just like you, who unknowingly pay through the nose for premium web page placement, for dubious results.

Simply put, we can get you in those boxes on top of the local search pages. This means more leads and more money in your pocket.

Please honestly answer these questions:

  • Have you ever paid over $500 for your advertising?
  • Did you get any type of guarantee of service? 
  • Did you get measurable and trackable results? 

If you are like most business owners I know, I suppose you answered "yes" to the first question and "no" to at least one of the other two.

OK, if that's the case , I will not only save you money, but I will give you more visibility than those overpriced ads...

Yeap! You will be glad you stopped by our website today...

We provide unique services designed to help you generate more leads, convert those leads better, and increase your profits. You will also like our prices, which are very reasonable to insure you get the most bang for your buck.

Imagine a potential customer ready to buy. They sit down at their computer, type in a search phrase for the services/products you offer. Lo and behold, they find your company on that first page and call you. You close that deal. Imagine that every month, you get dozens more of those calls. How much different would your life be? You could even have 2, 4, 7 listings out of ten on that first page. Yes, it is possible. We could make it happen for you, but only if we connect with you... And again, you don't need to break the bank. 

Now, you could ignore what I just mentioned, and keep struggling. You know, those long nights wondering how you're gonna make the payroll, or even keep the lights on.

On the other hand, your competitors might well take us up on our offer...And end up snatching even more of your market share. This does not have to be at all...You can take charge of your lead generation by picking up the phone now, while we've got your attention.

Simply contact us for a no-obligation free assessment of your needs, and we'll get the ball rolling. Maybe business will be fun again. Maybe you'll be able to take a much needed vacation. It is all up to you.

Just dial 301-842-4465 or email us at         


Yours in profit,

Charlie Akoa
Founder, Maryland Search Engine Marketing -                               
Serving MD, VA & DC


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