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  "Laugh at the recession...All the way to the bank"

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Are you one of the MD, VA & DC business owners who are getting all the leads they can handle, and laughing at the current recession...all the way to the bank?

If not, Let's help you create your own "stimulus package", by driving a torrent of high-converting traffic to your site 

The services we offer you have one and only one goal: to help increase your branding and visibility in your local area. This, in turn, can lead to more leads, better conversions, and more profits. Getting that phone to ring is the ultimate goal.

Local Listings Domination

  • Dramatically increase your presence online
  • Get local listings on all major search directories: Google, Yahoo, Bing. In addition, you will be listed in the best of 50 local directories.
  • Depending on your own ambition, we can help you dominate the first page (multiple listings) for select high-traffic keywords; this means you will get the lion's share of the leads making those searches, when they are standing with credit card in hand, ready to buy.

Email Marketing

As the saying goes: "without a list", you don't have a business. We will get you set up to generate a torrent of traffic to your site, then capture that traffic to create an ever growing list of buyers that you can market to over and over...It will be like setting up an annuity, as these customers will keep buying from you over time, thus providing a sustainable income.

Joint Ventures

This is another lucrative strategy that is little-understood. This strategy alone can help you grow your list of buyers at warp speed, and multiply your profits beyond belief. But it has to be implemented correctly to reap those near-instant windfall profits...

On Page and off-page Search Engine Optimization

We will work with you to tweak your website so that it attracts high rankings from the search engines, like honey attracts bees. Additional techniques will be used to strategically place you on the first page of Google searches for your town. You will not believe your eyes when you see some of the results obtained...

Extraordinary Customer Service Excellence Initiatives

It is easy to get hung up on techniques. At the end of the day, a company deals with humans. Can you honestly say that your customer service "wows" your customers? In most cases, you are doing what everybody else in your industry is doing...Not good enough! Customers expect that as a baseline.

We will show you how to "wow!" your customers so that you are the only game worth considering in town. They will be bonded to you and will not consider another company, even when you are charging more. Hard to believe? Yes! but true...

We will help you increase the number of your customers, the frequency of purchases, and the size of each transaction. When you achieve this, no more worries about where payroll is going to come from. Period. You will grow exponentially!

Effective Loyalty Programs

Most loyalty programs are laughable...They lack two secret ingredients necessary to make a loyalty program work. When you know them, then your program WILL work, as if by magic!

High-Powered Referral Systems

Everything that is being taught about referral systems is wrong...And yet, done properly, a referral system can help any company grow exponentially. The secret key lies in consistency and human nature...

We will help you turn your customer base into an army of motivated salespeople for your products and services.

PPC Campaign Management

It is easy to lose your shirt with pay per click advertising, if you don't know what you are doing. Properly done, PPC is a predictable source of traffic and can be very profitable. We will help you select the best keywords, set up your accounts, optimize your campaigns and tracking, for maximum profits.


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